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In the days leading up to the unconstitutional ban on NY guns, a Westchester newspaper printed names and addresses on an interactive map of all pistol permit holders in Westchester County. This included retired police and other LEOs. This not only was an invasion of privacy meant to intimidate legal and responsible gun owners, but it provided criminals a treasure map of homes in which they could find firearms. As a result, one of the only good things to come from Cuomo's gun law was an "opt-out" for permit holders. Beginning today, ALL New York state pistol permit holders will have the ability to "Opt-Out" and request that their information be kept private and confidential. Take a few minutes to print and fill out the attached pdf form and mail to your County Clerk, NYPD License Division, or other pistol licensing entity.. The window to "opt-out" lasts only 60 days from today so please do not delay or your information will become available as early as April 15 to anyone who requests it.